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Award winning Book Series

Being a writer has its perks, especially the sense of pride that swells inside when I see someone reading a book of mine. Below is a list of my published books for you to browse. Please feel free to get in touch and share your comments or questions, I’d be more than happy to hear from you and help out.

Books: Recent Books

K.C. and Kayla are a brother and sister duo. Join the siblings as they take on the task of understanding the world of science. They are two fun and curious busy bodies undertaking the task of the apple experiment.

The sibling duo is back at it again. Join the two fun and curious busy bodies as they explore the science behind the life cycle of an apple.

Smart mouth K.C. and witty Kayla are exploring the subject of MATTER. Their curiosity for science is taking them on a fun learning experience.

The witty siblings have done it again. They are now fascinated by the state of matter. Join them on their journey, and you also may learn a thing or two.

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